Singing is all about your soul and its expression

Lucy Cabot-Saunders


Lucy works as a Pascha therapist to support your life challenges

From a therapeutic perspective, your relationship with your voice when relating to others impacts upon how easy it is for you to listen to others, and to then respond in support of yourself. Many struggle to find an appropriate voice when it’s most needed.

Clients wanting therapeutic support will find Lucy is able to strengthen their ability to speak their needs and preferences over as well as support any other agendas they may bring to therapy.

Heartvoice – in fact all of Lucy’s therapeutic work – therefore focuses on assisting people to find their own unique voice, either through therapy or singing. Lucy helps her clients achieve this either through the language of feelings or through the language of music and song, whether this is done individually or through sessions as a couple.

Sometimes Lucy also works in a way that connects people to their feelings and then singing from that place of feeling. In the therapeutic context, Lucy supports clients to free up unconscious or unspoken feelings that are blocked because of past trauma. Usually such trauma has its roots in childhood.

So both singing and therapy have the ability to free not only the voice but also to release a feeling energy that has perhaps been trapped for some time in the body.

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