Pascha Therapy

Why Pascha Therapy?

Pascha Therapy is a form of therapy, (developed by Yasmeen Clark), that prioritizes inviting a client into how they are really feeling.  Most of us have had a lifetime of avoiding feelings because feelings can feel so uncomfortable and we don’t really know how to be with them. If you are particularly sensitive then they could even feel over-whelming. In our world, feelings are often approached from a more mental perspective and so often the energy of the feeling can remain stuck.

I will support you with your feelings and so you will gain valuable insights and understanding about yourself and as a result find a way to move forward in your life. This is especially important in relationships, because unless feelings are worked through and understood, we remain stuck, often with the people we love the most. Pascha Therapy can lead you to a place of better understanding of your own inner world, and the needs, and promptings that arise from within.

Why prioritise feelings?

When people are upset with any aspect of their life, they can finish up on a roller coaster of unprocessed feelings and emotional reactivity. This is particularly true when what you are feeling is not understood. If you are in a relationship and you’re not clear about your inner process such as emotional habits and patterns, or why you’re reacting as you do – then you may also struggle to get your partner to understand you.

Times of distress and anguish

This is what I specialise in, whether you come to me as an individual or as a couple. I help my clients work through their feelings and not just get over them. This provides a much more lasting benefit than simply trying to fix the ‘problem’ because it provides insight into unmet needs, preferences and desires.

Years of experience as a Pascha Therapist

Lucy Cabot-Saunders

I began my training in Pascha Therapy in 2008 and began working in the ‘Free Clinic” in 2009. The ‘Free Clinic’ offered 3 free therapy appointments to those who couldn’t afford it or who were curious to experience this modality. It gave trainees an opportunity to work with clients and the clients understood that they were working with trainees. In 2010 I graduated with accreditation. In 2014 I began the Pascha Teachers’ Training which I completed at the end of 2015. Since 2016 I have supervised trainees as they become immersed in the Pascha Therapy training and as they begin to work with their own clients in their third year. I have been seeing a steady stream of clients since 2009.

Pascha Therapy assists people to connect to the language and importance of feelings and associated needs, preferences and desires. My natural sensitivity and ability to empathise means that you will be supported to gain insight into your own process no matter what you might bring.

I am a member of the NZAIPT which is the organisation that supports Pascha Therapists and their work.

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