Singing as a connection to Self

Lucy has been teaching singing in Christchurch both privately and at CSM since 2003. Prior to 2003 Lucy taught at Rathkeale College and St Mathew’s Collegiate for Girls in Masterton, New Zealand. Now through Heartvoice, Lucy uses these years of experience as a singing teacher and Pascha Therapist to connect people to their Inner Voice.

Lucy left CSM a few years ago in order to develop her work further creating a modality that is both unique and powerful combining the voice and connection to the feeling energy within the body. Of course if vocal technique is the focus of a student in order to further strengthen and lengthen the range then Lucy is more than happy to support a student in this way.

Lucy is studied with most of the leading teachers of voice in New Zealand including teachers like Anthea Moller, Frances Wilson, Jenny Wollerman, Dame Malvina Major and Ravil Atlas.

Singing Teacher Training

Lucy has a Dip. Mus. from Auckland University, and an NZQA qualification in Adult Education and Learning.

Combining Pascha Therapy with Singing: A therapeutic approach to singing (Reclaiming and Freeing your voice)

From a therapeutic perspective, how confidently you sing is indicative of how strong, or not, your sense of self is.
Your relationship to your singing voice is a good indicator and reflection of how you feel about yourself and your confidence to be expressive of self in life generally.

Lucy provides a ‘safe’ space and environment to explore all aspects of yourself, your voice and expression.
Lucy’s approach to singing is unique in that she combines her knowledge of voice with her intuition. Depending on the approach the student would like to take, lessons can be purely technical (as in vocal technique), or sometimes be a combination of Pascha Therapy and vocal technique.

In the situation of combined Pascha Therapy and singing techniques, the Pascha Therapy is to support the feelings that come up that inhibit your voice and therefore singing expression. So if you love singing but feel ‘shy’ for example we would engage with this feeling. If ‘grief’ comes up around say a loss of confidence then we would engage with this feeling. These feelings will shift and change when you work with an experienced Pascha Therapist such as Lucy. As the shift in feeling occurs then you will no longer feel inhibited by these feelings which feel like they get in the way of your expression when you sing.
Sometimes another approach is useful which is feeling where the feeling is located in your body and singing or vocalising from this space.

Individual Singing Lesson Appointments

Price: $60 for half an hour, $70 for 3 quarters of an hour, $80 for an hour
Venue: 59 Aynsley Tce, Hillsborough, Christchurch

Times for individual sessions with Lucy
Tuesday: 12pm – 6.30pm
Wednesday: 12pm – 5.30pm
Thursday: 12pm – 6.30pm
Friday: 12pm – 6.30pm

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