Lucy has a natural connection to Spirit and can connect you to loved ones who have passed.

Connecting to loved ones in Spirit can also bring a greater perspective on what your growth and learning are asking from you at this time. This brings greater clarity from a spiritual perspective in your life.

Connecting with loved ones in Spirit can also bring understanding and restore love in what may have been difficult relationships in life. Again a greater perspective is attained when understanding is brought to what two Souls were learning about together through their relationship in life.

Lucy has just started using a crystal bowl in these one-on-one sessions chosen for her client by Spirit.

Individual Spirit Guidance Appointments

Price: $80 for an hour
Venue: 59 Aynsley Tce, Hillsborough, Christchurch

Times for individual sessions with Lucy
Tuesday: 12pm – 6.30pm
Wednesday: 12pm – 5.30pm
Thursday: 12pm – 6.30pm
Friday: 12pm – 6.30pm

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