What are crystal bowls?

These are bowls of varying size created from pure silica, and polished to produce a note of a specific frequency. My husband who is keen on the science of how these bowls are created tells me that an electric arc heats the fine quartz mixture to about 1000 degrees centigrade, fusing the silica into a solid quart mass with perfect crystalline structure. Those used in my work have a frequency attuned to the notes of the body’s chakras when they are resonating healthily. The bowls can bring unbalanced chakras back into energetic alignment.

Why might you choose to use them?

The Crystal Bowls are a form of sound healing. As a musician for most of my life, I’m well aware of the impact on people of beautiful sounds. I’m also aware of the impact these bowls have on both me and others with whom I have used them. The sound that these bowls emit is exquisite and can be heard not just with the ears but also felt in the body. The bowls can bring deep nurturing and connection to yourself.

What can I expect from a Workshop?

In my Workshops I primarily use the bowls to support the participants in their feelings. I invite the participants to feel where the sounds of the bowls resonate within their bodies. There is usually one bowl in particular that will speak to a participant on any given day. I also sometimes use Yasmeen Clark’s Sunyata Colour Healing Modality which is a form of Colour Healing therapy to support participants where appropriate. Sometimes I will use Soul Cards as well which provide an added spiritual awareness to what is felt.

Pascha Therapist and Pascha Teacher

As a Pascha Therapist and Pascha Teacher Lucy supports the processes of the participants along with her ability to connect with Spirit to bring greater awareness around what is felt and why. This often brings a larger perspective to what your growth and learning is really about at this time.

When and where can I experience these bowls?

I play the bowls in groups of up to 26 people (which is as many people that can fit lying down in the Pascha Room) for two hours on advertised Saturday mornings or afternoons. I advertise these on my Facebook page Heartvoice.

Individual Crystal Bowl Appointments

Price: $120 for an hour
Venue: 59 Aynsley Tce, Hillsborough, Christchurch

Times for individual sessions with Lucy
Day and Time: Friday afternoons
Saturday Crystal Bowl Workshops: 10.30am – 12.30pm or 2.30pm – 4.30pm (venue for group workshop is at Pascha see the Group Workshops page for more info)

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